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!!! 800 000 pharmacist interventions !!!

The 800 000th pharmaceutical intervention has been documented in Act-IP on January 2022.

More than 1100 hospitals, more than 3800 pharmacists contribute to this success since 2006.

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Quelques caractéristiques d'Act-IP©

  • Performances techniques : stockage des données sécurisé, rapidité de saisie et d'analyse de vos IP, extraction des IP de votre centre
  • Quelques fonctionnalités : cotation des IP liées à l'informatique, cotation de l'impact des IP, IP issue d'une conciliation médicamenteuse, impression des IP pour diffusion dans le dossier patient, gestion de plusieurs sites d'un même établissement, outils de reporting convivial et efficace pour faciliter l'analyse des IP, version internationale en anglais
  • Dernières fonctionnalités : interfaçage avec les logiciels de prescription et de dispensation


Few characteristics of Act-IP©

  • Technical : securized data storage, speed of documentation and analysis of your Pharmacist Interventions (PI), download of the PI of your center
  • Functionalities : cotation of PI induced by informatic (CPOE), impact cotation of PI, PI related to medication reconciliation, printing of PI for transmission into the patient medical record, management of several sites for a unique hospital, reporting tools user-friendly and efficient to facilitate PI analysis, international version in english
  • Last functionalities : interface with prescription and dispensation software


The SFPC has formed a working group in 2003 including 8 pharmacists with expertise in clinical pharmacy practicing in 6 public health institutions (Cochin AP-HP, Croix-Rousse HCL, CH Epernay, CHU de Grenoble, CHU de Rennes, CH Vienne) to evaluate clinical pharmacy activities in France.

Pharmaceutical Interventions' Standardization
  • The pharmaceutical validation of prescriptions is characterized by the formulation of pharmaceutical interventions defined as "any proposed amendment to the drug therapy initiated by the pharmacist".[1] It includes the identification, prevention and resolution of problems related to drug therapy.
  • The classification and documentation of problems related to drug therapy and interventions they generate are essential to the development of clinical pharmacy practice and research in this area.
  • Development of the pharmaceutical intervention sheet.
Why a website analysis of pharmaceutical interventions ?
  • Allow any pharmacist to codify and analyze its pharmaceutical interventions according codification tool validated by the group [2, 3]
  • October 2006 [4]
  • The pooling of the data allows the development of research on the subject of pharmacy practice [5] and the Constitution Act-IP Observatory
  • A new version, called Act-IP© v2, more efficient and user-friendly is available since July 2013 Act-IP© Tutorial

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  • Act-IP© director : Pierrick Bedouch,
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