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In order to capture and analyze pharmaceutical interventions on the website, you must register your establishment and identify a pharmacist administrator

Role of the pharmacist administrator

Once you are logged, you can invite users into your establishment to collect and analyze their pharmaceutical interventions (pharmacists users)

Acceptance of terms of use

You have to accept the terms of use to register

In order to capture and analyze yours pharmaceutical interventions on the SFPC website, you primaly have to accept the terms of use developped below :

  • Terms of registration

Any pharmacist can freely register his establishment on the SPFC website to capture and analyze his pharmaceutical interventions with the codification tool developped by the SPFC. .

The purpose of this website is:

  • Propose a tool with flexibles queries and usable by everyone
  • Allow the sharing of data in order to establish an observatory of clinical pharmacy practices
  • Only one account by establishment

Only one account is created for each establishment realizing pharmaceutical interventions during its activity of clinical pharmacy,.
This account is created by a pharmacist administrator. This admin can invite as many pharmacist users as he want into his establishment.
Pharmacist administrator is the the only one authorized to change establishment settings.
Pharmacists users can add, modify and analyze all their interventions created on the website for their establishment.

  • Use of data entered on the SFPC website

Pharmaceutical interventions entered on the SFPC website remain the intellectual property of the pharmacist user who has create these interventions.

In the order to establish an observatory of clinical pharmacy practices, Act-IP users accept the fact that their data are regrouped into a database and analyzed by the SFPC's group "Standardisation et valorisation des activités de pharmacie clinique". The analyze of these data and the communication of results will be done in the respect of anonimity of establishment and pharmacists.

The Registration to the site SFPC means you have read and accpet its general terms.

Act-IP is collecting personal data, essential for the proper functioning of the website. Access to this data is restricted to administrative group Act-IP website. The processing of these data was the subject of a declaration to the CNIL. In accordance with the Data Protection Act of 06/01/78, the User has the right to access, modify and delete, for legitimate reasons, personal data. To do so, the User can contact the administrators by Act-IP mail:
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