Tool of collection and documentation of pharmaceutical interventions [1], composed to :

  • A form itself File pharmacist-intervention-form.pdf (92 912 octets)
  • Two explanatory tables to codify in the same time the problem related to drug therapy (Table 1, 10 problems) and the pharmaceutical intervention (Table 2, 7 interventions)

File table1-problem.pdf (116 839 octets)
File table2-intervention.pdf (101 511 octets)

What is the purpose of this tool?
  • Help everyday the clinical pharmacist to collect and quantify the clinical pharmacy interventions performed from pharmaceutical analysis of prescriptions
  • Standardize practices and quantify the clinical pharmacy main activity
  • Promote the sharing of data for epidemiological research
  • Assist in the clinical pharmacy education
When should we use the pharmaceutical intervention sheet?
  • When identifying problems related to drug therapy at the moment of the pharmaceutical analysis of prescriptions with the patient's clinical data.
How to use the pharmaceutical intervention sheet?
  • Refer to the reports of the workshop on the topic presented at the 11th Congress of the SFPC ( Paris, 2004 ), 14 clinical cases are explained with the use of this tool ( View reports )
  • A pharmaceutical intervention form must be filled for each pharmaceutical intervention
  • The data entry is done directly on the SFPC website after account creation to allow analysis
Comment coter l’impact de l’intervention pharmaceutique (échelle CLEO©) ?

To enable the rating of the impact of their pharmacists pharmaceutical interventions taking into account different dimensions, we have developed CLEO© as part of a science thesis [3].
CLEO© est un outil multidimensionnel permettant de coter l’impact de l’intervention pharmaceutique selon l’impact :

  1. Clinical,
  2. Economic
  3. Organizational

The following algorithm helps to select the suitable CLEO quotation. 3. Algorithm CLEO.pdf

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